SAS Collections boutique celebrates one year in business

SAS Collections Turns One

ONE YEAR! In some ways it flew by and in others it seems like I've been doing this so much longer than a year! Maybe that's because in my mind, I've been planning being a boutique owner since I was in high school. When I think back on the months and months of preparation before launching SAS Collections, I realize all that time and nervousness were well worth it. Launch Day last September was overwhelming for me as I stepped into unchartered territory as an entrepreneur but ya' want to know what was also overwhelming? YOUR RESPONSE to the launch! I had wayyyyy more orders than I ever dreamt I would! THANK YOU!
I get asked all the time, "How's SAS going?" and truthfully my response is your response. I 100% LOVE seeing how confident you guys feel in your SC! I love seeing how one top can be styled three different ways by three different girls - it's the best!
But if I can keep it real...being a boutique owner is also challenging. UGH. TAXES. LOL. I mean, I own a boutique because I don't like math! But in all seriousness, growing a business in such a competitive field is challenging. And that's why I am so thankful to each of you who have purchased SC! And here's the best part...the best is yet to come! I've got so much more planned and have TONS of new arrivals at a larger selection! And if you've been following SAS Collections from the very beginning, you know we are entering into my most favorite time of the year. So ladies, raise your glass, cheers to your girls, men, babies and to your shopping addiction! Because our FALL and HOLIDAY Collections are coming in every day and I can't wait to celebrate my fav time of the year with all of you!
THANK YOU for making my very first year a special one!
XOXO, Sanna
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