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The Honeymoon Suite


Every little girl dreams about their wedding day. I'm certainly no different. I met my fiance when I was 15 and since that moment have literally envisioned every detail of how our wedding would look...he just didn't know it yet. On Christmas Day, when he popped the question, after saying yes, crying my eyes out, toasting with our family and friends I went into full-blown planning mode. Well, because...I had already spent the past ten years dreaming about it!


Like so many brides, I'm approaching this wedding planning with a typical Type A, obsessive compulsive disorder mentality. I'm a planner and the wedding planning all plays into my love language (literally and figuratively). I was able to knock out a lot of the fun stuff in the first couple of months checking the boxes on the bridal party, venue, wedding planner (her name is Kristi and here's her link), band, florals, menu, hair and makeup, rental houses and of course MY DRESS!


The next box we need to check is finding someone to actually officiate the ceremony and marry us! Yes, a very important detail. But all in all, we've only been engaged four months and I feel good about where I am in the planning phase.


Here are some deets about the wedding:


Location: 30A
Wedding Party: Mostly cousins and friends who are like family
Maid of Honor: My sister and bestie Sophie
Wedding Size: Wanting to keep it intimate but looking like 125
Vibe: Think Garden Party, Outdoor soiree' meets Black Tie! It's going to be fun and fancy! 
Music: 12-14 Piece Band (I love my 80s music if you can't tell from my stories on Instagram!)
Flowers: All whites and hints of pink. (A little fun fact: I hate roses!)
The Dress: Really? Did you think I would answer that question! LOL
Priority: THE FOOD! We are both all in on this part of the planning. Lots of oysters + novelty foods happening on our special day!


But what I can share is that my new Honeymoon Suite Collection carries a lot of pieces I plan to wear on our Honeymoon. I think a bride should look and feel like a bride throughout the Honeymoon and finding these off-white, white and cream color pieces just make me happy! A couple of my favorites are The Forever Maxi and the Shower Me Ruffle Mini. I love the puff sleeve and cut out back on The Forever Maxi. It's dreamy and easy to wear casual with sandals or even a little dressier. Another favorite from the collection is the Shower Me Ruffle Mini (because I know he'll love it!). It's a perfect dress for a blue water, sandy beach kind of honeymoon.


DM me and let me know what your favorite pieces are or if you have any questions about our wedding planning! (I said "our" like he has a say! LOL!)
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